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Banish 'Maskne' for happy, healthy skin

As we all find ourselves in the midst of a prolonged lockdown, we've received a flurry of requests from customers on how best to treat and alleviate the dreaded 'maskne', caused by consistent mask wearing.

So, we thought we'd share our top 5 tricks to help.

  1. Choose your mask wisely - A natural fibre reusable mask is best. Cotton, linen or silk for something a little luxurious. These fabrics are not only breathable, they're easy to wash and low-waste.

  2. Keep it clean - Replace disposable masks and wash reusable fabric ones daily. Masks should only be worn once, especially if you leave the house for an appointment, work or to get your groceries. Think about it, you wouldn't wear the same underwear twice!

  3. Double cleanse - Double cleansing your skin twice a day will not only ensure a deep cleanse each time, it will nourish and shield your skin, removing dead dry skin cells and keeping your pores unblocked and healthy. Treat yourself to a weekly clay face mask which will restore your glow and mood.

  4. Try not to touch! - We know it's hard, but try to resist touching your face throughout the day. Once you become aware of it, you'll realise how frequently you do it without noticing.

  5. Hydration - Shield and retain hydration with a good moisturiser and of course drinking lots and lots of water. As many of us are indoors with the home central heating, this alone will dry out your skin. Regular hydration will both brighten and energise your skin and you.

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