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Meet the new face of L'ORGANIQ Australia: Miss Eco International Australia

Riley Aston, face of L'ORGANIQ natural skincare brand
The new face of L'ORGANIQ Australia, Riley Aston

Recently crowned Miss Eco International Australia 2024, Riley Aston has not only captivated hearts with her beauty and intelligence, but she has also become a beacon of inspiration for the environmentally conscious worldwide. What's more, she has recently been announced as the new face of L'ORGANIQ, a British natural skincare brand, set to launch in Australia in February 2024.

Winning the coveted title of Miss Eco International Australia 2024 was not just a personal triumph for Riley but a platform to amplify her voice for sustainability and eco-conscious living. Her journey to the crown was not just about showcasing her outer beauty but also her inner commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. Her passion for eco-friendly practices and sustainable living aligns seamlessly with the ethos of L'ORGANIQ, making her the perfect ambassador for the brand.

L'ORGANIQ, a brand synonymous with purity and natural beauty, with a solid commitment to circular skincare that is not only effective but environmentally friendly, has made them a favourite among clean beauty enthusiasts and they have just announced their upcoming launch early 2024 in Australia.

Founder Emma Chevrel commented, "The partnership with Riley as our Australia brand ambassador signifies a union of values – beauty, responsibility, and a shared dedication to preserving the planet. I believe that true beauty is not just skin deep; it extends to how we care for ourselves and the world around us." Newly-crowned Riley said "L'ORGANIQ products are not only an effective and diverse clean beauty brand, but they importantly align with my values of sustainability. I'm very excited about our partnership, representing this honest brand and working with them as they launch in Australia."

The collaboration between Riley and L'ORGANIQ will go beyond promoting their range, it will be a celebration of natural beauty, environmental responsibility, and a shared vision for a healthier planet. Through this partnership, both Riley and L'ORGANIQ aim to inspire individuals to make conscious choices in their beauty routines, embracing products that not only nurture the skin but also contribute towards a more sustainable and beautiful world, as reflected in L'ORGANIQ's tagline: Beautiful skin shouldn't cost the earth.

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