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L'ORGANIQ Infusion Body Wash Refill is now available in a 100% biodegradable eco pouch, making it a sustainable choice for your skincare routine. Rich in natural oils, this body wash features a unique blend of woody, musky, and ginger top notes, combined with frankincense, cedarwood, palmarosa, and coriander to hydrate and nourish your skin.


SLS-free and infused with Aloe Vera, our Infusion Body Wash gently cleanses and rejuvenates your skin. The low-foam wash leaves your skin soft, silky smooth, and nourished.




  • SLS-free

  • Infused with Aloe Vera to cleanse and rejuvenate

  • Leaves skin fresh and nourished

  • Suitable for all skin types

Infusion Body Wash REFILL

SKU: LOQ0065
VAT Included