Men's Shave & Hydrate Trio

Men's Shave & Hydrate Trio

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The Men's Shave & Hydrate Trio is the perfect gift or weekend essentials. We have selected 3 of our popular men's care products to create this little trio of facial serum, shave balm and aftershave gel, each chosen for their suitability for all skin types.


Our reusable 100% cotton drawstring bag contains the following:


Men's Facial Hydration Serum 20ml

This natural serum combats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with arnica oil to nourish the skin and a blend of apple and blackcurrant extract providing essential nutrients to give tighter, firmer and brighter skin.


The apple extract, rich in vitamin C, provides anti-oxidising properties to protect the skin against free radicals, preventing skin cell damage and the arnica oil contains nutrients to help soothe and renew skin cells.


Infusion Shave Balm 30ml

An infusion of nourishing oils, organic soap and caring extracts, this shaving balm softens hair, maximises razor glide, cleanses skin and minimises irritation and dryness.


Enriched with blackcurrant seed oil, willow bark extract and oat silk to reduce irritation and promote cell renewal, it is delicately blended with frankincense, cedarwood, ginger, palmarosa and coriander for a masculine post-shave scent, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.


Cooling Aftershave Gel 20ml

This cooling aloe gel, blended with grape seed oil, helps to combat post-shave irritation.


It contains peppermint essential oil which has brightening properties, rejuvenating dull skin and providing a numbing effect that reduces the irritation caused by shaving, while the menthol provides a cooling tingle and acts as an anti-irritant to reduce redness.

  • Ingredients

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    Men's Facial Hydration Serum

    Infusion Shave Balm

    Cooling Aftershave Gel

  • Product Information

    Suitable for: All skin types

    Bag Dimensions: 15 x 20 cm, made from 100% natural cotton

    Size: Facial Serum 20ml, Shave Balm 30ml, Cooling Aftershave Gel 20ml

    Container: Glass

    Closure: Body Scrub Screw lid, Body Lotion Treatment Pump; Body Oil Atomiser

    Cruelty Free | Vegetarian | Vegan

    No Parabens, Fillers or Additives