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Portrait of a Smiling Woman with Curly Hair

Complete our skincare survey and we'll send you a little gift to say thank you.

We're always striving to ensure we fulfil what we promise and understanding our customers is a crucial part of this delivery; your opinions matter to us. 

Your completed survey responses will be utilised by L'Organiq only and will NOT be shared with any third party. You can be assured your information will be used for our internal research only and will be strictly confidential.

About you

1. What age group are you?
2. What skin type are you?
3. Do you use cruelty free products?
4. Do you use vegan products?
5. What makes you choose a new product?
6. What makes you feel more confident?
7. How did you hear about L'Organiq?
8. Have you used L'Organiq products?
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