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L'ORGANIQ Founder Emma Chevrel

A profound lover of all things beauty and prolific buyer of all that was new, I had taken my skincare (and spending) for granted. I realised this at the age of 35, when in 2009 I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. From the moment of diagnosis, all was about to change, and I started a long journey of surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

During my treatment there was so little access back then to skincare that would not aggravate my chemo-ravaged skin. I’d been pumped full of chemicals to save my life and quite frankly, both me and my skin had had enough. With no hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, super-sensitive and horridly dry skin my confidence was shattered. I couldn’t even visit my regular facialist during my treatment as they weren’t ‘insured’ to treat me and a turning point came when a beautician in a well-known department store, who’d I’d asked for advice, suggested “come back when you’re feeling better”!

That was my inspiration for L’ORGANIQ. I wanted to create unbiased premium natural skincare, accessible and affordable to everyone, from teen to adult.

Our products are formulated from naturally derived botanicals. Vegan and cruelty free, each ingredient is chosen for its powerful natural properties from antioxidant packed vitamins, fruit extracts and minerals to essential oils. There are no parabens, fillers, additives, sulphates or synthetic fragrance used in any of our products and sustainability is a key driver of the brand. I didn't want L'ORGANIQ to be another contributor towards the unnecessary waste produced by the beauty industry, so our packaging had to be as recyclable and as low-waste as possible.


With our unique Return & Reward scheme, we work with our fellow consciously-minded customers to be a community built on trust and to bring you clean, enriched and skin-enhancing beauty. Beautiful skin shouldn't cost the earth.

Be clean. Be kind. Be beautiful.

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