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L'ORGANIQ Sustainable skincare

We  never use parabens, sulphates, fillers, additives, phthalates or synthetic fragrance.


Every product in all our  ranges are 100% Vegan, Vegetarian and cruelty free .

We minimise our carbon footprint by using sustainably sourced ingredients and

UK-based suppliers.

We use only FSC & PEFC certified or Eucalyptus paper and card. Our labels are printed with soy-based ink.

We use naturally derived

plant-based vitamins, minerals and extracts in all our product ingredients.


We use sustainable, recyclable and  biodegradable packaging and offer discounts for returned empties.


We want to give back to the planet as well as you.

Send us your empties using our FREEPOST 'Return & Reward' scheme and we'll send you a 15% discount off your next purchase!

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We are proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral Business, which means every month, 5 tonnes of CO2e will be offset by the planting of 30 trees in sustainable projects around the world; that's the equivalent to 1.5 acres of Amazon Reforestation in one year.

Environmental Commitment

As a natural skincare company, L'ORGANIQ is committed to be a responsible brand to both its customers and crucially the environment.

In our commitment to sustainability, low-waste and reducing our carbon footprint, we are consistently seeking economical alternatives to every aspect of our business. We are proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral Business, off-setting our carbon footprint by planting 30 trees a month in sustainable projects around the world; off-setting 60 tones of CO2e each year and helping to reverse the climate impact of our business. 

Our products are free of the most common allergens and contain no harsh and unnecessary chemicals. There are no parabens, fillers or additives in any of our products and the entire range is cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


We select the best quality natural and where we can, organic, ingredients, purely for their beneficial properties and we minimise our carbon footprint by using only UK-based suppliers.

All of the scent blends used in our products are made from natural essential oils and not synthetic fragrances - yuk!

We have only 3 products within our entire range which include sustainable Palm Oil. The palm oil used in these formulations are certified organic, certified sustainable and originate from a farm on the RSPO member list.

Our packaging is carefully selected too, with 90% of our range produced in recyclable glass containers. Currently, only 3 products are sold using low density recyclable PET plastic, simply for safety. Our refills are zero waste, each produced in 100% biodegradable eco pouches, made from renewable wood pulp starch and our gift cards are 'Envirolopes' and are made from Eucalyptus.


This is why we established our 'Return & Reward' scheme; we reward our customers who return their empty L'ORGANIQ product containers to us for either reuse or recycling.

Our eco mailing boxes are made from recycled material and are fully recyclable, our wrapping paper is acid free, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and our gift box tissue paper is printed with soy-based ink. Our labels are printed with eco-friendly ink, on FSC and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified paper, which means for every tree they use, another is planted.

Each order is posted out inside an 'OK COMPOST!' certified biodegradable post bag (it's 100% biodegradable) and ensures your order is protected; reducing contamination risk as it travels to you.

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