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We  never use parabens, sulphates, fillers, additives, phthalates or synthetic fragrance.

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Every product in all our  ranges are 100% Vegan, Vegetarian and cruelty free .

We minimise our carbon footprint by using sustainably sourced ingredients and

UK-based suppliers.

We use only FSC & PEFC certified or Eucalyptus paper and card. Our labels are printed with soy-based ink.

We use naturally derived

plant-based vitamins, minerals and extracts in all our product ingredients.

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We use sustainable, recyclable and  biodegradable packaging and offer discounts for returned empties.

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We want to give back to the planet as well as you.

Send us your empties using our FREEPOST 'Return & Reward' scheme and we'll send you a 15% discount off your next purchase!

L'ORGANIQ Carbon Neutal Business

We are proud to be a certified Carbon Neutral Business, which means every month, 5 tonnes of CO2e will be offset by the planting of 30 trees in sustainable projects around the world; that's the equivalent to 1.5 acres of Amazon Reforestation in one year.




We're committed to sustainability; from our packaging to rewarding your empties.

Our refills are available in 100% biodegradable and resealable eco pouches and for those products that are a little more tricky to decant, you can select your refill with an aluminium screw-cap, retaining your current atomiser or pump.

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