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Case Study: L'ORGANIQ - Our Commitment to Sustainable beauty through glass

Case Study: L'ORGANIQ - Our Commitment to Sustainable beauty through glass


As a certified Carbon Neutral Business, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through a consistent use of recyclable and reusable packaging; from glass to recycled plastic, using FSC certified papers and our 100% biodegradable refill pouches.

In this case study, we explain how and why L'ORGANIQ is leveraging environmentally-friendly packaging to enhance our commitment to reducing unnecessary waste in the consumer beauty sector and why we chose glass for our products.

Background Information

Since L'ORGANIQ was launched in 2019, we have quickly become known for our diverse and effective natural skincare range. Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to increase and our early recognition of the importance of aligning our product ingredients with reusable and recyclable packaging, is a key core value of our brand.

The Problem

Just like fast fashion, conventional beauty product packaging, such as plastic bottles and containers, has long been associated with environmental issues. At L'ORGANIQ we understood from the outset that our packaging choices would contribute to the significant impact packaging has on the planet, so our eco-friendly alternatives have been paramount to our range.

Sustainable Solution: Glass Packaging

Glass packaging emerged as the most suitable option for L'ORGANIQ due to its numerous environmental benefits. Here are some of the reasons behind our choice:

  1. Recyclability: Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality. By using glass packaging, we actively contribute to the circular economy and reducing waste sent to landfill.

  2. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Glass production requires less energy compared to plastic or metal packaging. By opting for glass we have successfully reduced our carbon footprint, helping to minimise greenhouse gas emissions; which is why we are a proud Certified Carbon Neutral business.

  3. Durability: Glass is highly durable and acts as a protective barrier for our natural ingredient formulations. This reduces the risk of product damage during transportation, resulting in lower wastage and overall cost savings.

  4. Preservation of Product Quality: Glass packaging, unlike plastic, does not interact with the product and our signature amber glass bottles and jars protect from sunlight, ensuring the integrity and quality of our skincare products. This is particularly important to maintain our reputation for delivering effective, high-quality skincare.

Implementation Process

Our transition to glass packaging involved a holistic approach, addressing various aspects of our supply chain, product design, and consumer education.

  1. Supplier Collaboration: We collaborate with UK-based glass manufacturers who share our sustainability goals. By working closely with suppliers, we ensure that the glass used in our packaging is made from recycled materials and produced using eco-friendly practices.

  2. Design Innovation: Our design team embraced the characteristics of glass packaging to create visually appealing containers that reflected our brand commitment to sustainability. The use of minimalistic and elegant designs enhances our brand's image while reducing the overall environmental impact.

  3. Consumer Education: At L'ORGANIQ we recognise the need to educate our consumers about the benefits of glass packaging. Through informative product labelling and marketing campaigns, we convey the message that our packaging is a symbol of sustainability and responsible consumption to our like-minded customers.

Results and Impact

Our proactive approach towards implementing glass packaging has yielded significant results:

  1. Environmental Impact: By using glass packaging in 95% of our product line (5% being shower products using recycled plastic bottles purely for safety), we have reduced plastic waste and increased the recycling rate of packaging materials. This in turn contributes towards the conservation of natural resources and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the beauty industry.

  2. Brand Image and Reputation: Our sustainability commitment resonates with consumers who value eco-friendly products in recyclable glass. This has resulted in increased brand loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and a broader customer base.

  3. Industry Influence: By successfully implementing glass packaging we serve as a catalyst for change within the cosmetics industry. Competitors have taken notice and are beginning to follow suit, leading to a broader adoption of sustainable packaging solutions.


At L'ORGANIQ, our commitment to sustainability through the use of glass packaging sets a remarkable example for the beauty industry. By embracing glass packaging, we demonstrate our dedication to environmental responsibility, product quality, and consumer education. We continue to show that sustainability and business success are not mutually exclusive, and our efforts are poised to contribute towards a lasting impact on the cosmetics industry as a whole.


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