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Décolletage Care Top Tips

woman's decolletage
Décolletage Care Top Tips

When it comes to skincare, we often focus on our face - exfoliating, cleansing and daily moisturising - that is of course until we have the shock of seeing our neck on a video call and the sudden realisation that we've failed to give our décolletage the attention it deserves. Let's face it, once we notice it, we can't un-notice it.

With a few simple steps, you can keep your décolletage looking as radiant and youthful as our face and these are our décolletage care top tips.

Why Your Décolletage Deserves Care

The skin on your décolletage is thinner and has fewer oil glands compared to other parts of your body. This makes it more susceptible to dryness, sun damage, and wrinkles. By incorporating a few moments of care into your daily skincare routine, you can maintain its elasticity and smoothness, ensuring it stays as vibrant as the rest of your skin.

Décolletage Care Top Tips

ONE: Prioritise Sun Protection Sunscreen is our number one top tip. Always apply sunscreen daily with at least an SPF30 to your face, neck and chest, regardless of the weather. UV rays can cause premature ageing and increase the risk of skin cancer. We recommend ALTRUIST SPF50 Sunscreen a quality, dermatologist formulated sunscreen that is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It's fast absorbing, non-sticky formula feels like a moisturiser and won't leave a white residue. Vegan, cruelty-free and coral reef friendly, this 5 star UVA rated sunscreen has a broad spectrum protection 5 star ultra UVA rating (PPD 52). Highly moisturising and water resistant, it is fragrance and paraben free, so it's perfect for dry and sensitive skin too.

TWO: Gentle Cleansing When you cleanse your face, don't forget to cleanse your neck too. Using a gentle cleanser like our L'ORGANIQ Radiance Cleanser you'll avoid stripping the delicate skin on your neck of its natural oils. Specifically designed for mature skin, this natural cleanser is an infused blend of brightening fruit extracts, including strawberry, melon, and papaya, providing essential vitamins and minerals to revitalise your skin.

THREE: Regular Exfoliation

Don't be afraid to exfoliate your décolletage once or twice a week using a gentle yet nourishing scrub such as L'ORGANIQ Clarifying Skin Polish. It's formula is enriched with apricot extract, which gently exfoliates your skin while nourishing it with essential vitamins A and C. With avocado oil, a rich source of fatty acids and vitamin E, it will ensure your skin stays hydrated and nourished down to the deepest layers, while helping to remove dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover.

FOUR: Consistent Moisturising

Maintain the skin's plumpness with a hydrating and rich, nourishing moisturiser . We recommend our L'ORGANIQ Radiance Moisturiser, designed to brighten and tone your skin with brightening and nourishing ingredients to give you back a radiant glow, or a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, such as our L'ORGANIQ Hyaluronic Acid Triple Fruit Serum, an oil free serum with vitamin B5, and a blend of powerful natural fruit extracts, including cranberry, grapefruit, and raspberry.

FIVE: Stay Hydrated

We all know it, yet many of us fail to do it. Drinking plenty of water not only maintains our body and brain, it will keep your skin hydrated from within.

Your décolletage is an elegant, expressive part of your body. By dedicating care and attention to it, you can maintain its youthful beauty and radiance. Remember, your skincare routine doesn't stop at your jawline. Extending your daily skincare routine to your décolletage will most certainly reap rewards and you'll feel super-confident on that next video call!

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