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A relief for both my purse and skin!

"I have been using L’Organiq products for just under two months now and all I can say is thank you thank you.

I have tried everything, literally everything to cleanse my skin, keep my hyperpigmentation at bay, stall breakouts whilst ensuring my skin is moisturised- the challenge of having mostly dry skin that is prone to blemishes and break outs- all to little effect and at great financial cost.

I have faithfully tried products loaded with stuff made in laboratories, ditched them for homemade remedies and tried other “clean” brands. The results ranged from nothing much changed to my skin problems getting worse. So it was with no expectations amid a flurry of high profile zoom work conferences with unforgiving HD webcams, that I reached out to the founder of this brand for suggestions for a mask, serum and cleanser.

My first recommended purchases were the Green Tea Clay Mask, Marula Oil Facial Serum and the Vitamin Boost Facial Serum - and I just threw the Clear Skin Cleanser into my basket out of curiosity and also because the price of all was significantly less than I had been paying for high end brands that had failed me, so I had some spare cash.

Results - were evident after the first few applications of the serum, it felt like my skin was saying finally some moisture, my pores were less prominent after using the wonderful clay mask and my skin felt clean and not tight after the use of the cleanser. I felt good but it was my sharp-eyed best friend who over a zoom call told me my skin looked great, that I knew I was onto something.

I haven’t had a break out since I started these products, my skin is no longer dull, with the lack of breakouts the dreaded onset of hyperpigmentation that haunts women of colour like me with awful scarring has been kept firmly at bay. I have stopped using my light concealer, as I feel increasingly confident to bare all.

Since my first purchases I have dug further into the brand and I would say for me my favourites are the Green Tea Clay Mask-so moisturising, it feels like your face is having a well deserved bath after a very long day and it leaves a soft feel on a clear face. No tightness, gentle but effective. Clear Skin Cleanser- I use this last in my multiple cleanse regime everyday. It’s been a long journey for me to find a gentle cleanser that can actually feel clean without leaving my skin feeling like sandpaper. I have started to improvise and use it as a cleansing mask each day before I tone and moisturise. Vitamin Boost Serum- this has proven to be the golden ticket product for my skin. It loves it and I think the conversion from dullness to glow owes much to this great little gem Clarifying Skin Polish - I love this, from the grainy texture that gently exfoliates to the moisture bomb effect that gives you that elusive dewy look; this is another holy grail product that my skin seems to be loving.

These are my must have repeat purchases. I’m running on empty which is a rare sign of effectiveness for me. It seems my hunt for products that work is coming to an end. A relief for both my purse and skin".

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