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L'ORGANIQ natural skincare reviews

"Since I started using these products, my skin is no longer dull, with the lack of breakouts the dreaded onset of hyperpigmentation that haunts women of colour like me with awful scarring, has been kept firmly at bay"


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"I really love the caffeine rich anti-aging moisturiser it smells so good and leaves my skin plump and hydrated. The marula oil is simply beautiful it's pure luxury and my skin feels amazing after each use. The detoxifying body scrub is beautiful, it leaves my skin so soft. I would definitely recommend  these products, they're amazing quality, beautifully packaged and worth every penny"

"The Radiance Moisturiser is a pleasure to use. It has such a calming and gentle effect, so I particularly enjoy using it when my skin (and my mind) is feeling a little stressed"


"Love the Pro-Age Eye Cream. It's so light when you put it on, a tiny amount goes really far! Wrinkles seem reduced already and skin feels tighter around the eyes. Great stuff"


"Received the Invigorating Body Butter as a birthday gift, arrived beautifully presented, creamy and luscious yet light and quickly absorbed leaving skin moisturised and smelling delicious. Goes a long way too. Would definitely recommend"


"I use the Vitamin Boost Facial Serum every night. My skin has greatly improved. It has also reduced dark pigmentations on my face. Definitely will buy again"


"I have oily skin and have tried many products over the years, I have definitely noticed my skin feels less oily and more balanced with the Clear Skin Cleanser -  Love it"



"I was gifted your products for Christmas and I can honestly say, they are absolutely incredible. After having to wear masks a lot more frequently, I experienced a bad break out of 'maskne' as you can see. It was red, dry and really stung whenever any product was applied to it. These products have completely cleared it up and my skin is glowing and so soft! I feel so confident and I'm so happy with how my skin is looking. Thank you!!!"


Lucia H.

Lucia has been using Detoxifying Face Wash, Radiance Cleanser & Orange and Chamomile Aloe Toner

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