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Eyes. We take them for granted. We rub them when we're tired or trying to remove stubborn mascara, we poke them when putting glasses on (well, I do) and leave them dehydrated and bloodshot when we have a good cry.

Our eyes really do take a bit of bashing and what's worse, the area around our eyes is the most delicate and easily damaged.

I read a great article at the weekend in The Sunday Times @thestyle magazine. The effortlessly chic Liz Hurley was listing her daily skincare routine and her best skin care tip had been passed on to her by Joan Collins. The film legend's advice was to keep a pot of eye cream in every bathroom. Each time you 'visit' throughout the day, just tap a little eye cream on; genius!

Needless to say, my bathrooms at home and in the office are now adorned with a staple pot of Pro-Age Eye Cream and it really does work. If anything, it wakes me up a little, gives me and my eyes a gentle pick-me-up and refreshes my strained and tired peepers throughout the day (especially when I'm tired to a screen for long periods).

A simple trick and effective. Those dark circles can pack their bags!

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