BISOUS by L'Organiq Clear Spot Treatment Gel

BISOUS by L'Organiq Clear Spot Treatment Gel

SKU: BIS0004
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This natural treatment gel contains a spot-busting infusion of botanical ingredients, each selected for their anti-bacterial and anti-oxidising powers to help you balance, soothe and treat unwelcome breakouts.


These ingredient super-heros include Aloe Vera Leaf juice, Sea Buckthorn Fruit and Tea Tree Leaf oil and together will help rebalance your skins natural oil levels.


The Aloe Vera Leaf juice's soothing properties help prevent scarring by increasing collagen synthesis, the Sea Buckthorn Fruit oil reduces redness, swelling and nourishes the skin to soften and heal scars and the Tea Tree Leaf Oil helps to tackle Propionibacterium acnes, the nasty bacteria that lives in hair follicles and causes spots.


Nourish and restore your skin to its healthy, happy self.


Be bold. Be happy. Be you.