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BISOUS Teenage Skincare

Our new teenage skincare range has arrived!

We believe in getting it right from the start when it comes to skincare and having been approached by many of our customers asking advice on suitable products for their teens, we've listened carefully.

BISOUS by L'Organiq has been lovingly curated to give teens a starter range of natural skincare essentials to help rebalance their hormonal skin, encourage good skin health and promote an effective skincare routine from the start.

The range is made from natural fruit extracts, minerals and vitamins, each selected for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, with no parabens, fillers, additives or sulphates, just as we make our signature L'Organiq range and includes a Clear & Bright Face Wash, Clear & Balance Cleanser, Clear Spot Treatment Gel, Clear & Glow Mask and an SLS free Happy Days Body Wash.

Each product within the BISOUS range is sustainably packaged and teenagers can return their empties to us through our 'Return & Reward' freepost scheme, to get 15% off their next purchase.

Be bold. Be happy. Be you.

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