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Buy Women Built

L'ORGANIQ: Buy Woman Built


We're excited to announce the launch of our new product packaging.

All our products, excluding body washes, now come in beautiful secondary boxes to protect them and we're over the moon to share that each product now proudly shows the Buy Women Built kitemark.

Buy Women Built is a movement to mobilise consumers to buy from female-founded businesses by showcasing who they are and why buying from them is our quickest path to a stronger, fairer economy.

It's an incredibly simple idea.

Not everyone can invest in or mentor female founders, but everyone can buy from them.

By shining a light on women-built brands, Buy Women Built's movement brings choice to consumers who want to empower and support women, while inspiring future female entrepreneurs that they can do it too.

There simply aren't enough women starting businesses in the UK (we're 30% behind the USA, Canada and The Netherlands). If the UK reached the same levels as these countries, that would add an incredible £200bn to the UK economy!

By sharing female-founder stories and showcasing their products, Buy Women Built are aiming to unleash women's incredible untapped potential and the powerful economic contribution these businesses can make to our economy.

L'ORGANIQ is thrilled to be a supporting member of Buy Women Built and especially proud to use their kitemark on all our packaging; helping to spread the word and awareness of great female-led brands.

So when you next see a Buy Women Built kitemark, you'll know that the brand is female-founded and contributing towards this fantastic movement to empower and inspire women everywhere.

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