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ALTRUIST sun protection

Using a great SPF is essential to maintain and protect a healthy skin barrier, which is why we have partnered with ALTRUIST sun protection, an innovative vegan, coral reef-friendly and cruelty-free suncare range, developed by leading British consultant dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, Dr Andrew Birnie.

Their diverse range of high quality sun protection is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and its non-sticky formulation makes it comfortable to use and leaves no white marks and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Over the past 2 years as a brand we have considered developing our own sunscreen, but when we met ALTRUIST sun protection last year at COSMOProf Bologna, we were blown away not only by the product range, but their remarkable ethos and charity commitment.

A not-for-profit brand, ALTRUIST believe everybody should have an equal opportunity to be protected from the sun, so for every unit sold, they donate 10p to remarkable charities supporting children in Africa with Albinism.

Created by leading British dermatologist and skin surgeon, Dr Andrew Birnie, and Dutch economist David Westerbeek van Eerten, they have developed the brand in their spare time and using their own expertise.  Costs are kept low thanks to their own personal connections who help produce the products, and as a result, these savings are passed on to the consumer with a very low price point.


“Cost should never be a factor when deciding whether or not to wear sunscreen, or how much or how often to apply it.  Everyone should have a basic right to take the necessary precautions to reduce their risks of developing skin cancer. Whilst there are some excellent products available, most are so expensive that people are reluctant to use them as often, or in as large a quantity as they should.” quotes Dr Andrew Birnie.

Altruist free from list

The ALTRUIST sun protection range includes face, body and family suncare and they have also developed an Anti-redness and Pigmentation SPF, which is great for those suffering from rosacea, acne prone skin, sensitive red skin and redness associated with scarring, irregular facial pigmentation and hormonally induced pigmentation (melasma/chloasma).

L'ORGANIQ is proud to recommend and stock this remarkable sun protection brand.

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